Happy Journey: Ambassadors Say Goodbye to Savalee

The team of eight ambassadors and Miracle Foundation staff enjoyed four, fun-filled days with the children at Savalee in January. On the morning of the last day, the children sat before us and chanted their prayers fervently, ending with Om.

Savalee meditation

After our field trip to the mango grove for a picnic and games, it was almost evening and time to say goodbye.  We were seated in chairs behind the children and could only see the backs of their heads. Savalee’s director gave a farewell speech. At one point, Nitesh said he could see tears in the children’s eyes. As his speech concluded, the children turned around and, on every face, fat tears dribbled down. We immediately began to cry, and the children came running to hug us as we comforted each other over our departure. We’d known these children for only four days, but we will never forget them. Still, were we to leave on this sad, heart-rending note, abandoning children who had already been abandoned as orphans? Barbara, our team leader, knew better. Suddenly, loud, staticky Bollywood dance tunes blasted from old stereo speakers, and we all began dancing together in that wonderful, free for all, Indian exuberance. We literally danced off into the night, with the children calling out, “Happy journey! Come back soon! I love you!”

Here’s a video from the first time we all danced together. I did not expect to discover such joyful children at Savalee. 


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